Monday, March 16, 2009

Lake Poso

Lies in Tentana City, Kab. Poso (district Poso), Provinci of Central Sulawesi. This lake is the third biggest lake in Indonesia. About 30km in length and 16km in width. The deep water is different between north and south. About 360 meters deep in south and 500 meters in north.

The panoramic view in this site is lures the people to visit here. The fresh air, white sand and the green forest nearby is very beautiful. Nearby this lake, there is an orchid park named Taman Anggrek Alami Bancea. This orchid park is stand above 5.000 ha wide land. We can see numerous beutifuls orchid flowers in this park.

Beside the panoramic view in Lake Poso, we can see the cultural and traditional competitions. Organized every August, named Lake Poso Festival.

In this lake there are several hotels and inns that also provide a very delicious traditional food.

Easy to acces and great view, this lake is very worth to visit.

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