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The traditional puppet drama from java island. The origin of this puppet drama was from pre-historic until now. And still many Indonesian people (especially Javanese) love this. The word from of wayang is came form bayang or shadow, because at early ears of its show, wayang is appeared from behind of stretched white cloth. This shadow appear by fire from hanging coconut oil. At the early years wayang is using by ancient Javanese people to make “conversation” with the spirit or the ancestors.In 9 and 10 centuries, at the Hindu period, wayang is become a media to performances an epic, which is absorbed by the Indian cultures. Such as Ramayana and Mahabrata. At this age, the show of the wayang still using by painted stretched cloth. In Javanese language is call beber.

In the time of Islam period, wayang is not using the cloth any more. But, performed by a puppet which have some varieties. In Middle Java, Yogyakarta and East Java, the wayang are performed by two dimensional form made from leather and is called wayang kulit (leather). In West Java, the wayang formed by three dimensional carved wooden, is called Golek. Even wayang develop by performing this epic stories by human actors.

In wayang kulit (leather), the show is operated by the puppet master is called Dalang and the puppet master playing the wayang behind white screen, lighting by the lamp and the audiences can watch the wayang in otherside the screen. In wayang Golek show, the puppet master is playing the wayang behind and under the short square wooden stage. So the puppet can appear on the top. There a different character between wayang kulit and wayang golek. In wayang kulit the Punakawan family, the last son named Bagong which in wayang golek is Cepot. At the time of Hindu period, no story of Punakawan family.

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Wayang Beber
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Wayang Kulit
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Wayang Golek
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Dalang Wayang Golek
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Dalang Wayang Kulit
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