Friday, June 13, 2008

Remo Dance

This traditional dance is from Surabaya, East Java to the welcoming dance for events and the guests. This dance can be performed by single or group dancers. This dance also can performed man/men and woman/women. There are the different between this masculine and feminine style, especially for the make up and costumes. The feminine dancer usually uses a feminine hair style for the make up. The dancers also using the black “mekak” to cover the breast. Sometimes, man dancing the feminine style and the woman dancing with the masculine style.

The characteristic movements of the Remo Dance are the beats of the feet. A set of small bells is tied around the right-foot ankle. The bells tinkle when the dancer walks or beats the floor with his or her right foot. Beside the beats of the feet, the head movements, the manipulative play of the selendang or sampur, the facial expressions, and the postures of the dancers which conform the rhythm of the music, make this dance unique.

Originally to opening the Ludruk (a traditional drama of Surabaya), but now becoming the opening of the event at Surabaya.

This video is belonging to Sanggar Clarissa
Sidoarjo - East Java


ipunk said...

interesting to know, a child learning the traditional cultures

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