Sunday, July 20, 2008

Legacy from Paleolithic Age

Nias Island, part of North Sumatera, had a very unique culture. According to Medan Archeology, Nias has its cultures from 12 thousand years ago, in the time of Paleolithic age. This age period had the same period with Hoabinh (Vietnam) paleolithic age. The greatest thing from Nias people, they keep its cultures persistently. This makes Nias cultures keep favorable until now.

One of this legacy is JUMPING STONE:

Taken from : sgenome

But, Nias not only had the stones. The beach of this island is a very good to surf. Maybe as good as Bali Beaches. So....see and enjoy the Legacy from the ancient time.

Nias Island Travel Guide :
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carboobs said...

I want to know more about that paleolithic age.

Dony said...

What a beautiful place to visit...

zaniesh said...

very nice posting,..
and place

but ??
when i can come to this place ??

made eka said...

Indonesia is really nice country..but we still being a poor country.. What a shame??

Indonesia Travel Guides said...

good article bro! jumping stone at nias...thats cool, a kind of appropriateness test of the man to be regarded as mature

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