Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reog Ponorogo

Ponorogo Map (Province of East Java - INDONESIA)

An Indonesian traditional mask dance, which perform with tiger head and peacock in wide winged. These mask almost more than 50 kg heavy. Wearing by one man (called warok) by bite the wood inside the mask. It is impossible to normal teeth, that’s why almost warok on trance condition when dancing with this big heavy mask.

Video of Reog dance show from Londoireng

Reog Ponorogo, a mask dance Indonesian traditional culture

The origin story from Ponorogo.East Java. Once upon the time in Java (15century), the king of Ponorogo, King Kelono Sewandono marches with his loyal prime Patih (Prime Minister) Bujanganom to the kediri kingdom. The king and his warriors went to marry Dewi Ragil Kuning, the princess of kediri. When the group through in the jungle, they were attacked by Singabarong, a tiger king. The tiger king supported by many beast including tigers and peacocks. The legend said, the great peacock flew up and then down on the head of singabarong, spreading and flapping its wings to support the tiger king. Until having a great battle, the prime minister, bujanganom with his magical warrior called warok, defeat the beast army. And the tiger king and great peacock shielded into one form, and they were join with the king to the matrimony. It was a great battle, and now the tiger and peacock forming a wonderful mask.

On present day, the mask dance of reog performances as follows:

Dadak merak (the mask), represent singabarong and peacock. Dancing with holding the princess on the top.

Dadak Merak - Mask on Reog Dance

King Kelono Sewandono wearing a mask and a crown is a stylish dancer, Bujanganom also wearing a mask is an acrobatic dancer. They are representing their martial art. The warriors using a horses made from bamboo (Jaran kepang). These groups called Jatilan.

Bujang anom, elite warrior using smaller mask Reog mask at background

Jantilan dancers

And the most important is the magician who dealing with the magic matters. Remember, it is impossible for normal teeth to bite and hold the big heavy mask.

The Magician
"Dukun" in Indonesian languages


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aku bangga jadi orang indonesia :)

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title gambar terakhir mohon diralat.... beliau bukan dukun.... beliau adala sesepuh dari kesenian reyog ponorogo....


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