Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pencak Silat

Silat, is the Indonesian traditional martial art. According to its history, silat is Malay’s (Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, South Philippine and South Thailand) cultures. In Indonesia, the Malay tribes is called for Sumatera and Kalimantan islands.

In 7th century, silat is dispersing to all Nusantara archipelago, now call Indonesia. At this time, silat is not only used by Sumatera or Kalimantan people only, but using to by Javanese, Balinese and also using by the tribes which domiciled at Sulawesi Island. From the folk martial arts becoming a tradition to learn by boys, even for royal of ancient kingdoms. In the early 14th century, the great Pendekar (martial artist of silat) born not only from Sumatera, The Great Gajah Mada for example. He was a Mahapatih (prime minister) of Majapahit kingdom, whose unite for almost all south east asia with silat. Majapahit was at Java island. In Javanese languages, silat is called pencak. That’s why in Indonesian modern language is called pencak silat.

At the Islamic period, silat becomes main sport at the Pesantren (Indonesian muslim’ school). Pencak Silat was also becomes symbolize of Indonesian war for freedom against the imperialism of VOC and Dutch Kingdom. All Indonesian heroes of freedom are Pendekar Pencak Silat.

Pendekar Silat

In the modern period, Pencak Silat growing more and more. Under The International Pencak Silat Federation, pencak silat is promoted to the world even to Europe and America. On 1986, the world cup of Pencak Silat, for the first time placed outer of Asia, Wina – Austria. The destination of this martial arts is becoming one of multi sport of Olympic games.

Western students learning silat


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Greetings! Thank you for this nice post about Silat and its history. We came across your site, because you have a picture of Bapak Waleed on your page. Please drop us a line at the International Silat Federation. We would be happy to talk with you further. Terima Qasih!

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