Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Keep The Traditions

Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam or usually called Aceh, have a very long period of history. The origin kingdom is called Samudra Pasai (13th-15th century) until the Sultanate of Aceh (15th -18th century) and now become one of Indonesian's province. It is a very long time period.

Samudra pasai and Kingdom of Aceh, known as the first establishment of Islam in south east Asia. Even, Aceh Kingdom has a relationship with Ottoman Empire in 16th century. With this relation, no wonder that Aceh called itself "Seramoe Mecca" or gate of Mecca. The most sacred place for muslim people. Aceh people also have a culture that very close to the middle east. This including the dance.

The traditional dance from Aceh is always remind to us about middle east cultures. The singer using Arabic and Aceh words, accompanying the dancers. The music is also has the spirit of Islam. To keep this long great histories and cultures, Mr Rizal and Mr. De Gam, choreographed a new creations dance, called Kipah Sikarang.

Enjoy this new creations.

Tari/Dance Kipah Sikarang


Kalilea said...

That's a beautiful dance and I love the accompanying music. I imagine that would be quite the sight to see in person.

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