Sunday, September 14, 2008

Marine "Paradise" Park

Wakatobi, a marine national park in Sulawesi, Indonesia. This national park is comprising four large island which has very high marine resource potential, in terms of both species and uniqueness with enchanting submarine landscapes.

This national park has more than 25 chains of coral reefs and the total circumference of the coral island is 600 square meters. This large area results an abundant of coral species and fish.

This island contains two major ethnic group, the Pulau (islanders, Indonesian ethnic) and the Bajau. These peoples include many interesting cultures and histories. The Bajau mention is made in the writings of ancient Chinese and European explorers of these legendary sailors who had managed to reach the distant shores of Merqui, Johor, Singapore and Sulawesi. They also have held on their way of life. Local spears-fishing on the sea bed without the aid of diving equipment are still a common sight.

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Shawie said...

great place to stay for a vacation!

Keelytm said...

I remember seeing some amazing corals and fish when I went scuba diving in Bonaire. Though that's in the Caribbean, and quite a ways away from Indonesia, I find it stunning that life is so beautiful (and colorful!) even that far apart.

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